UI/UX Design Services

Unlocking Exceptional User Experience

At Metaorigin Labs we convey rich client encounters through creatively made, alluring and straightforward UI plan which emerges among many differ sites and applications. We understand that strong UI and UX guides your business to achieve more sales, easy on boarding and higher user adoption rates. Our team takes all the necessary elements into account, conducts the initial research and crafts the design to provide immediate ROI for your business. Our very much characterised UI/UX plan is backed by imagination and resourcefulness.

Our UI/UX Design Services are a unique amalgam of traditional and latest services spanning from QA of applications/software/systems to testing under new-generation technologies and platforms such as mobility, cloud, SOA, social media, and big data.



We believe that a user-centred design starts with setting up the correct goals and objectives. This process sets the base for planning and strategising, content, design and IA. Working with you on the research aspect, Metaorigin helps in discovering the information gaps and aligning your acceptance with the real expectations of the end user. We assist you in identifying a strategy which is in sync with the goals of your business as well as user needs. Our goal is to choose the best research methods which defines business success.

IA & Wireframes

By making sure that the presentation and visual structure of the applications information corresponds with existing user expectations and mental models, is intuitive sets the base of the UX design. Metaorigin ensures that the correct information is shown in the correct manner at the correct place, at the correct time. Making use of Wireframing we represent data structures and UI features.

E-Commerece Services

Every organization uses a variety of forms, such as Invoices, Vouchers, Survey Forms, Insurance Papers, Financial and Legal Documents, Purchase Orders, Tax Statements, etc. Through our data processing solutions, we help them to streamline and easily retrieve forms to carry out their business smoothly. With cutting-edge technology and proven methodology, we deliver a wide spectrum of forms processing services and data management services.

User Testing

User experience testing is essential for conversions that is why we help you establish just the right Key Performance Indicators depending on the goals which we set at the beginning of the UX process. Our team performs detailed analysis and performs user-testing sessions to convert the data into functional design improvements. Our testing sessions are tailored on your objectives and the best user research technique is chosen to suit your needs.

Look & Feel Design (UI)

It is your product or servicess visual appeal which has a large scale impact on end users. At Metaorigin we employ user-centred design to create a predicatable, cohesive and desirable effect on your target audience. We focus on building interfaces that the users find usable and efficient. Our designers ensure your product is a part of your brands unified entity by focusing on AR/VR, gamification, infographics presented with the much needed degree of integrity.

Front-End Code Development

The front-end is the foremost thing which a user will have a look at and thereafter interact with. Our experience in front end code development takes the burden off your shoulders by ensuring that your application looks and feels the same way as designed and also tested on the platforms of your choice. The design gets translated into a functioning code at the pixel level. Our team codes as per current standards and provides complete assistance during its integration with the back-end system.