Revenue Cycle

Software to simplify payments and increase profitability

Insurance verification plus flexible payment options for patients

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Managing patient insurance just got easier. Our automated Eligibility & Benefits (E&B) application streamlines verification and reduces your staff’s manual workload. Meta eClinic can run E&B checks in advance so you know your patients’ primary and secondary insurance before their visit. When insurance verification happens at the time of service, you reduce pending and denied claims, and get paid faster.


Track cash, check and credit card payments using one tool across all users and office locations. Our reports and bi-directional integration with your PM system simplify end-of-day reconciliation and payment posting.

POS Payments

This is the command center for your waiting room. Use the Meta eClinic Dashboard to efficiently monitor the intake process, access relevant patient information and manage registration exceptions.

Payments Palns

Post-EOB patient balances are now the norm. Give your patients the option to set up private, automated payment plans when they check in, or have staff create a payment plan for them on the Meta eClinic Dashboard. Each plan is configured according to your organization’s financial policies and managed automatically. This gives patients more flexibility and choice in how they pay, and allows your organization to collect more payments without sending out statements.

POS Payments

Your patients are probably already paying most of their bills online, so why shouldn’t they do the same with their healthcare expenses? Using Meta eClinic’s Online Payments, you can add a custom payment button to your website or send email reminders that direct patients to your online payment page. This allows patients to pay whenever and wherever they wish, making things easier for them and for your organization.


Meta eClinic’s Analytics and Reporting service lets you monitor patient payments across your organization and easily reconcile them at the end of each day. Track payment volumes by office location, batch, user, payment method, type of charge and much more.

  • Track the percentage of patient visits with full payments by office location
  • View collections performance over time and by intake modality
  • Break down data into payment types to understand collection rate on copays, balances and visit charges
  • Monitor the total number of active payment plans and payment amounts scheduled

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