Clinical Support

Intake workflows designed to help care teams enhance clinical care

Clinical and behavioral health screeners to assess patients’ health risks

Care Pathways

Meta eClinic Care Pathways applications give you the tools to identify and treat patients for specific health risks. From orthopedics and gastroenterology to otolaryngology (ENT) and urology, our targeted clinical assessments screen patients for the most common morbidities associated with each specialty area. Leverage Care Pathways to collect critical health data from patients, calculate their risk scores and deliver the results to your EMR.

Wellness for Primary Care

With fewer than 13 psychiatrists per 100,000 patients in the U.S., it’s likely that your primary care providers are talking to patients about more than just their physical symptoms. Meta eClinic Wellness for Primary Care application supports your PCPs as they take on increasing responsibility for their patients’ mental health needs. Our innovative application identifies and screens patients for common behavioral and mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety and substance abuse, giving providers the information they need to treat the whole patient.

Healthy Child for Pediatrics

Meta eClinic Healthy Child application includes clinical screeners for developmental conditions such as ADHD and autism, as well as behavioral health and wellness screeners for depression and the flu. This application helps address the challenge of needing to remember when to administer clinical screeners to children of various ages at different times of the year. Parents, guardians and teenagers are automatically prompted to complete the right screeners at the right time based on proprietary logic that drives automated intake workflows on our Meta eClinicPads, Arrivals stations or a a mobile device. Screeners can be configured according to appointment type, chief complaint, patient age and more, to help you meet your organizational goals.

Women’s Wellness for OB/GYN

When was the last time your patients had a mammogram? How do you identify new mothers who may be experiencing postpartum depression? Systematically screening your female patients for these types of conditions is vital to understanding their needs and delivering quality care. Meta eClinic Women’s Wellness application allows your practice to administer clinical questionnaires and screeners to the right patients at the right time and communicate the results back to providers.

Social Determinants of Health

Your patients’ health goes well beyond the healthcare they receive—and healthcare delivery organizations have a pivotal role to play. Whether it’s a child living in an unsafe area, an older adult with few friends nearby, or a pregnant woman with no access to prenatal care, social determinants of health affect peoples’ lives in countless ways. And it’s almost impossible to meaningfully improve your patients’ health without bringing those factors into consideration.

With Meta eClinic, you can leverage intake to ask patients privately about their access to healthy food, safe housing and other social determinants that can have a critical impact on their health. The information you gather helps you better understand your patients and connect them to the services they need to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Preventive for Medicare

Meta eClinic Preventive for Medicare application gives you the tools you need to improve the overall health of your Medicare patient population. This innovative application allows you to identify patients who are eligible for more than 20 Medicare Part B-covered preventive screenings, provide them with education and prompt them to schedule appointments.


Generate reports that analyze patients’ responses to screeners and clinical questions, capturing the data that helps meet your quality reporting goals.

  • View and track patients’ answers to clinical questions and screeners
  • Generate a list of patients who request preventive care

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