Simple, streamlined booking and management

Online appointments, referrals and appointment tracking

Online Appointments

Give patients 24/7 access to book appointments on your website so they don’t have to call and wait on hold to schedule a visit. Appointment requests populate into the Meta eClinic Appointments Hub for staff to track and schedule. Patients then receive an automated text or email confirming their appointment time and date.


Specialty groups count on physician referrals to keep their practices running, but the process can be challenging for everyone involved. Meta eClinic Referrals keeps the process streamlined and convenient by tracking all incoming referrals in a centralized list and allowing referring providers to send and check the status of each request. The result? More incoming referrals, a reduced staff workload and an overall increase in referring provider satisfaction.

Appointments Hub

Think of it as your appointments command center. The Meta eClinic Appointments Hub centralizes and tracks all incoming appointment requests, verifies patient insurance, and allows staff to manage appointments and follow-up visits across multiple locations. The Appointments Hub can also schedule appointments directly into select practice management systems.


Leverage our easy-to-use Analytics to gain insights into your top referring providers, learn where new patients come from, track the reasons for their visits and more.

  • Calculate volume of incoming appointment requests
  • Track time to schedule appointments and time to complete appointments
  • Identity top referral sources
  • Understand top reasons for new referrals and appointment requests
  • Track sources of new patients to inform marketing decisions

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