Analytics and Reports

Robust analytics to provide financial, operational and clinical insights

Data and reporting analytics across all applications

Appointment Analytics

Leverage our easy-to-use Analytics to calculate your volume of incoming appointment requests, track the time it takes to schedule appointments, gain insights into your top-referring providers and more.

Registration Analytics

Get a clearer picture of your entire intake process: monitor patient check-in volumes by location and staff member; Mobile pre-registration and in-office usage rates; average time to complete check-in; patient satisfaction with Phreesia and much more.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Monitor patient payments across your organization and easily reconcile them at the end of each day. Track payment volumes by location, batch, user, payment method, type of charge and much more.

Clinical Support Analytics

Generate reports that analyze patients’ responses to clinical screeners, show the percentage who request follow-up care and capture the information that can help you meet your quality reporting goals.

Patient Activation Analytics

Analyze the impact of your patient communications and preventive health initiatives. View the number of patients who have seen your messages, track email and text message opens, monitor opt-in rates and more.

Patient Survey Analytics

Dig deep into the data and discover how you can improve every patient’s experience. Track patient answers by location or provider, benchmark against similar practices, and calculate your Net Promoter Score.

Data Extracts

Send a secure, automated daily feed of patient data from Phreesia to a data warehouse or data lake, eliminating the need to download and upload reports.

Custom Reporting

Need to analyze a particular area or trend? Phreesia can create custom reports that pull the right data to answer your specific practice questions.

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