Transform your business with the power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is at its peak. Businesses are striving to incorporate intelligent automation like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, deep learning and cognitive computing to accelerate business throughput, improve customer loyalty, reduce turnaround time and ensure significant savings.

Artificial intelligence can enable you to fast track enterprise decision making and scale up business operations using human-to-machine cognitive interactions where AI solutions can assist human intelligence by analyzing, continuously learning, reasoning and inferring, in turn, driving positive business outcome.

Metaorigin AI/ML Capabilities

Metaorigin labs is globally recognized as the solutions people. We have been applying our workforce acumen coupled with artificial intelligence to deliver breakthrough solutions for businesses that are ready to take huge profitable business leaps.

We have been empowering businesses to automate much of their repetitive work, freeing them to laser focus on offering differentiated customer experiences and meet rising expectations.

Our AI and ML solutions provide reports that have tangible inferences about what customers are consuming, what they want, and when they want it.

Video Analytics

Digital images analytics can prove valuable for your business. Face recognition of photographs attached to forms can help identify and retrieve relevant information within seconds.

AI Key Use Cases


AI combined is taking healthcare to a new level.By using techniques like computer vision and image processing and by recognizing speech patterns by using NLP we can now detect diseases without the help of doctors and provide effective diagnosis for the same.


Whether you run an e-commerce site or a brick and mortar store, AI and ML can prove invaluable. You can automate the input of bills and predict the supply chain requirements with efficiency. Also you can analyse customer buying patterns and launch schemes and loyalty programs.


Educational technology is transforming how students learn, how teachers teach, and how parents keep track of progress. From educational institutes to online virtual tutors, AI and ML open new avenues of possibilities.


Financial institutions benefit both at the back-end and front-end from AI. By assessing credit-worthiness, analyzing risk potential, preventing fraud and money laundering, and several other applications, AI in fintech is creating a seamless and safer industry.

Automotive Sector

Using technology like CVIP we can now detect damages through car images and generate detailed insurance reports.