BlockChain Technology

Secure, transparent and scalable blockchain solutions that unleash the real potential of your business

Helping Businesses To Digitally Transform Using Blockchain Powered Solutions & App Development

Blockchain Technology can be credited for completely revolutionising how businesses world over are modifying their work prototypes. It is becoming more and more beneficial for organisations to include Blockchain as an integral part of their work process. At Metaorigin, our whole approach directed towards Blockchain Technology consulting starts with how, why and what benefits blockchain can have on your enterprise solution along with bringing in trust and transparency in the organisation. Our team is efficient enough to develop your dApps and then manage them. we have the proficiency to develop and then manage your Apps.

Metaorigin Advantage

Consultive Approach

We work with global brands to build innovative portfolio for their businesses. Our experience and exploratory approach enable us to discover new possibilities of blockchain adoption, development, and implementation.

World Class Team

Our world-class team is well-versed in exploring the art of possible with blockchain. From intricate business implementations to supporting strategic vision, we help generate exponential business value.

Live Projects

We have already delivered breakthrough solutions addressing real-world business challenges. Our unparalleled experience and expertise help to identify viable solutions for diverse enterprise ecosystems.

Solutions and Offering

BlockChain Integration

Secure custom Blockchain Integration Solutions enabling technology interoperability with business process re-alignment and consensus management

Decentralized Apps

Robust decentralized Blockchain Application Development that leverages the latest trends and breakthroughs of state-of-the-art blockchain technology

Proof of Concepts

Blockchain Implementation through validated proof of concepts and interactive mock-ups with real-time enterprise challenges and solutions

Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development Services facilitated with on-ground discovery for results-driven blockchain solutions that promise desired business outcomes

ICO Development

Exclusive Blockchain Development Services and support for your ICO, ranging from token design conceptualization to infrastructure maintenance

Smart Contracts

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions for marketplaces with the help of self-executing coded smart contracts for secured and decentralized trading

Cryptocurrency Development

Tailor-made cryptocurrency to stay ahead by disrupting the market in this crypto race geared up towards a futuristic economy

Digital Identity Solution

Blockchain-enabled document signing, and authentication solution trusted by individuals, small and medium businesses enterprises

Tools and Technologies