Artificial Intelligence

Delivering intelligent solutions that fast tracks your problem-solving capabilities.

Artificial intelligence is at its peak. Businesses are striving to incorporate intelligent automation like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, deep learning and cognitive computing to accelerate business throughput, improve customer loyalty, reduce turnaround time and ensure significant savings.

Artificial intelligence can enable you to fast track enterprise decision making and scale up business operations using human-to-machine cognitive interactions where AI solutions can assist human intelligence by analyzing, continuously learning, reasoning and inferring, in turn, driving positive business outcome.

Metaorigin AI Capabilities

Metaorigin labs is globally recognized as the solutions people. We have been applying our workforce acumen coupled with artificial intelligence to deliver breakthrough solutions for businesses that are ready to take huge profitable business leaps.

We have been empowering businesses to automate much of their repetitive work, freeing them to laser focus on offering differentiated customer experiences and meet rising expectations.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Offerings

Robotics Process Automation

We develop robust applications that carry out mundane tasks without any human intervention.

Natural Language Processing

We deliver solutions that understand and interpret what users speak and write, and take necessary actions.

Visual search & image recognition

We create visual applications with abilities to analyze and synthesize images, and identify image patterns

Text to speech

We have been developing and implementing advanced speech recognition solution for businesses to process audiovisual content

Digital Virtual Agents (Chatbots)

We deliver chatbots that augment customer experience by interpreting human behavior, language and sentiments

Predictive & User Behavior Analytics

Our predictive analytics solutions enable businesses to be abreast with resource usage, efficiency and future requirements.

Tools and Technologies