Robotic Process Automation Solutions

Intelligent robotic process automation for superior business process optimization with
100% agility, high throughput and higher ROI

Artificial intelligence is at its peak. Businesses are striving to incorporate intelligent automation like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, deep learning and cognitive computing to accelerate business throughput, improve customer loyalty, reduce turnaround time and ensure significant savings.

Artificial intelligence can enable you to fast track enterprise decision making and scale up business operations using human-to-machine cognitive interactions where AI solutions can assist human intelligence by analyzing, continuously learning, reasoning and inferring, in turn, driving positive business outcome.

Automation Lifecycle

Metaorigin labs is globally recognized as the solutions people. We have been applying our workforce acumen coupled with artificial intelligence to deliver breakthrough solutions for businesses that are ready to take huge profitable business leaps.

We have been empowering businesses to automate much of their repetitive work, freeing them to laser focus on offering differentiated customer experiences and meet rising expectations.

RPA Solutions and Offerings

Metaorigin facilitates seamless business process optimization without complexity and with maximum return on investment. Consequently, easy deployments, reduced costs and increased production add to the maximization of revenue. Our dedicated RPA solution task force backed by a technology-first approach enables your workforce to utilize their skills where they’re needed the most - Innovation and Creativity.

RPA when powered by Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning creates resilient businesses that provide superior user and customer experience with radically reduced handling time. Needless to say, the scalable architecture of efficiently augmented digital operations guarantees rapid growth.

RPA Consulting

Identifying Processes

Identifying Optimization

Automation Rollout Roadmap

RPA & OCR Tools Identification

Natural Language Processing

Mapping Manual Processes to Automation

Classifying Intervention Models

Automation Architecture Design

Custom Framework Design

Visual search & image recognition

Cognitive Automation using AI/ML

Bot Development

Workflow Orchestration and Governance

Rollout Validation and Planning

Business Continuity and Scaling

Automation Monitoring and Support

Bot Management

Failure, Disaster Recovery and Risk Management

Opportunity Discovery and Management

RPA Trainings

Tools and Technologies